About Vicky York

Vicky’s work has enabled thousands to live life with more direction, more commitment, more understanding, more willingness and more joy.  Vicky produces the catalyst for much needed change, bringing results that are often nothing short of amazing

She is a respected authority on Past Lives, giving lectures and seminars in the UK and abroad as well as running a very busy private practice in Berkshire.



By the time Vicky was three years old she was talking of past lives, but also of future lives that she had lived before.

Her parents were mystified and wondered where on earth she got all her knowledge from.  Vicky soon learned not to speak of the things that others didn’t ‘see’, but her link with the world beyond the five senses remained, growing ever stronger, until she was able to use her special talents for the direct benefit of others, often saving lives in the process.

Vicky uses her amazing skills to assist others in their search for understanding, and change.  She is dynamic yet down to earth, straightforward, reassuring and easy to understand.  She uses a unique process, blending hypnotherapy with Guided insight to put you in touch with your Past Lives.

You will see how Past Lives influence your relationships, health, wealth, fears, personality, needs and desires.  You can understand Karma, release negative programming, traumas and phobias, heal hurts and conflicts, improve relationships and gain confidence through this process.  Vicky will connect you with those you have spent lifetimes with before, to help you recognise who they are today.  You will discover why you decided to incarnate into your present lifetime, understand how your past is still influencing your present, and find your life’s purpose.

By understanding ALL that you are, by tapping ALL your creative potential, by seeing ALL that your future could hold, you open the way to create your future as it was meant to be.