Saving Lives (continued)

One day, I "dreamed" my mother dead.  I saw it all, how she had this accident at the local bus stop.  I saw her crushed under the bus in glorious Technicolor.  It was horrendous, and I was hysterical. 

But this time, when I told my mother, she took me seriously. 

I begged her to listen and do exactly as I said to avoid it.  She once again told me not to worry, that nothing was going to happen “to your old mum”; but years later, when I was older, she said she had listened to everything I had to say and did categorically as I had told her to avoid this accident/vision. 

She had said nothing to me, but nothing would have induced her to go anywhere near a moving bus.  She said she always stood right back and clung hold of the fence, the wall or whatever, as I had begged her to do.

And so, she was saved.  I have no proof of that, because it DIDN'T happen.  But that was just the proof I wanted.

I understood then that these things were not being shown to frighten me, far from it, but to allow me to know that NOTHING in life is set in concrete.  All things CAN be changed.  We are all in control at all times, we are not simply waiting for the vagrancies of fate.  It was then that my work began.

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