Past Life Regression

Your Past Influences Your Present and Creates Your Future

We have all lived countless lives on this earth. Whether we remember our other lives consciouslyor not does not mean that we have not lived them.

We choose each life we have, to work through all the lessons we need to learn to enrich and expand our total being. Only when our lessons are fully learned and assimilated can we progress from this earthly schoolroom to higher realms.



Many times we reincarnate with the same people around us, merely repeating the same lessons under different circumstances, in the hope we will succeed and be able to move on to new and greater understanding. Who were they in your past, and who are they now in your present? What are you trying to understand and work out between you now?

If we understand what has happened to us in other incarnations, we can see where we are stuck in repeat patterns, making the same mistakes again and again, continuing to block our own progress every time.

Often today’s difficult relationships, fears, phobias, likes, dislikes and illnesses can be explained and dealt with at their source in a Past Life regression with Vicky, allowing us to let go of them and move past these difficulties at last.

Vicky uses her Hypnotherapy and Counselling skills, as well as her vast Spiritual understanding to enable her clients to regress into Past Lives or to progress into  Future Lives. This process enables solutions to be found to our everyday life challenges.

There is a part of yourself that is wise and remembers everything. This is your subconscious, soul-self that links you with the energy source where all is known.


Regression works whether you believe in it or not!

Regression is totally painless. Indeed it is usually enjoyable, amazing, and always enlightening!


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