CDs to Inspire and Inform


       Past Lives, Present Reality



  • The purpose of Life
  • Responsibility
  • Rewrite your own History
  • Future Lives
  • Live in the Now
  • Relationships
  • Fate vs Free Choice
  • Near Death Experience
  • Animal Souls
  • Guides and Angels
  • Between Lives
  • Beyond our Universe


       Live the Life You've Always Wanted



  • Karma
  • Free choice vs fate
  • Justice
  • Soulmates/Lovers/Enemies
  • Divorce
  • Child Death/Abortion
  • Parenthood
  • Disability
  • Confidence
  • Guides
  • Changing the Past
  • Future Lives
  • Change your Life


       Meet Your Guides



Vicky's work with her three Guides has enabled her to inspire and heal thousands of people worldwide. She uses her amazing knowledge on this tape to connect you with your Guides.

Vicky's soothing voice and the delightful music combine to provide a very powerful and effective process to enable you to meet and communicate with your Guides.


 To order call Vicky on 07836 336094