Vicky York - Past Life Regression and Clinical Hypnotherapy

Vicky is a psychologist with a degree in Education and a diploma in Clinical Hypnosis. She has 30 years' experience in her chosen field working as a lecturer, Counsellor, broadcaster and hypnotist.  She is a respected authority on Past Lives, giving lectures and seminars in the UK and abroad, as well as running a busy private practice in Berkshire.

Vicky has successfully regressed many groups, yet still enjoys working with individuals where a whole life can be brought into perspective, understood and healed.

If you want to:

  • Improve your Relationships
  • Remove Negative Programming
  • Heal Conflicts
  • Build Confidence
  • Remove Fears, Phobias, Illnesses
  • Discover latent Talents and Abilities
  • Create Positive Energy for the Future
  • Discover Past Lives
  • Meet your Guides
  • See and Read Auras
  • Unblock and Rebalance Chakra Energies
  • Analyse and Use Dream Information
  • Release Creativity
  • Access your Full Potential

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Vicky York - B.Ed, Dyp Hyp, BSCH

Reading, Berkshire

CONTACT : 07836 336094

[email protected]